With breastfeeding awareness week complete, one nurse hopes learning was done as well.

Porcupine Health Unit Public Health Nurse and Kapuskasing Baby-Friendly Coalition Chair Bobbie Jo Duquette says the past week in Kapuskasing hopefully served as a launch point to teach young mothers about breastfeeding.

Duquette says they would like young women, mothers to be, to take the opportunity to learn more about what breastfeeding can do for them and their child.

She also says their goal is to make sure these young mothers have this information before it becomes time to decide how they wish to breastfeed.

Duquette says it is important that they try to inform new mothers of what options they have when it comes to treatment and care for their child and what the next steps they may take are.

She says in order for you to find out more details follow the link to their Facebook or the PHU page.