One school board is pleased with their schools handling of a hold and secure scenario.

Conseil Scolaire Public du Nord-Est de l’Ontario Communication Officer Guylaine Scherer says following an incident in Kapuskasing Tuesday, the school board is quite pleased with its handling of the situation.

Scherer says their schools Coeur du Nord, Echo du Nord and CANO followed the correct steps and procedures to make sure that students and staff were safe and could move forward with the day of learning.

She says they were very lucky on Tuesday that they have some terrific staff members.

“In our three schools in Kapuskasing we were very lucky on Tuesday because all of our staff members were really committed to ensuring our student’s safety. We do have staff that is very aware of all safety procedures that we have in our school.”

Scherer says despite how well they did, they are always looking to improve their communication with parents.

“I think we really did a good job on this issue, the only thing I would say is that at the school board (CSPNE), we are always looking to improve our communication with the parents. Make sure that all parents are made aware and are well informed of what is going on.”

She says they are committed to continuing to improve their response time during an emergency, which includes re-designing school websites to include updated emergency alerts.