UPDATE: The Town of Smooth Rock Falls has updated us at Moose News that they have now officially completed their run of waste and recycling for the town.

The town says it apologizes for the issues with the truck and any inconvenience this has caused.

The truck will return to its regular scheduled waste and recycling pickup Tuesday following the long weekend.



Leave your bins by the road, and soon enough they will be picked up.

According to the Town of Smooth Rock Falls, issues with their garbage truck on Wednesday morning delayed their ability to collect waste and recycling.

The town announced later on Wednesday that garbage collection was expected to resume yesterday.

However, the town says that issues with high winds, as well as cell service and power outages stopped them from being able to complete their rounds as expected.

The town now says that they apologize for the delay in the pickup of waste and recycling and plan to announce online as soon as they have an idea as to when rounds will be completed.