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NDP Push Province To Deliver On Promises

One MPP is not stopping the push to see the current provincial government deliver their campaign promises.

Mushkegowuk-James Bay NDP MPP Guy Bourgouin says the Ontario government needs to be held accountable for a campaign promise they made to not make changes to funding for First Nations policing or mental health services.

Bourgouin says Premier Doug Ford needs to give these First Nation communities proper and equal access to not only law enforcement but health services as well.

He says a lot of money is being taken out of the system for First Nation communities with this broken promise.

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“The government announced they would increase about one-point-five per cent, when in reality it should be three. When campaigning they promised they wouldn’t touch the present program, and now they are reducing by one-point-five, which represents $330 million out of the public system.”

Bourgouin says the NDP strongly believe mental health is a serious issue which needs the proper funding.

“We’re saying no, we are pushing the government to keep their promise and keep it at three per cent. Why? Because we strongly believe mental health is a huge issue, and that we need the support as you mentioned, we need that funding so we can fix some of the problems we are dealing with, people that need the help.”

Current Energy, Northern Development and Mines and Indigenous Affairs Minister Greg Rickford says he understands the current issues of these communities, and they are doing everything in their power to help.

The current Ford government has opted to only fund one-point-five per cent or half of the proposed three per cent funding increase taking $330 million dollars out of mental health funding.

The NDP has also proposed that the federal government commit $30 million a year, rather than the $15 million per year, to First Nations Policing, to which the Ford government has not commented.

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