A call to address the issues of gun violence means a chance to better strengthen services for Canadians.

Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP Carol Hughes says so, and she believes despite comparisons to the United States showing Canada as a safer home, gun violence in Canada is at an all-time high.

Hughes says there has been a renewed call to address gun violence issues following the multiple shootings in Toronto this year.

She says some municipalities are seeking the ability to restrict handguns in their communities.

“Some of the municipalities are saying that they want the ability to restrict handguns in their communities. The government should really look at that, have a sit down with municipalities and others with a stake in this, to determine whether or not that should be done.”

Hughes says new leader Jagmeet Singh is looking for the government to commit to looking at this issue.

“My leader has been asking for the government to commit $100 million to look at this issue and to invest in finding solutions. The other thing that I think needs to be done as well, we also have to look at better investment into mental health care and better support for individuals who are suffering from mental health.”

She says Canadians need to be taking these steps to continue ensuring community safety.