Hearst is in the midst of finalizing the purchase of a new tanker truck for their fire department.

At council, it was decided that they would go through with the purchase of a new tanker truck from Camions Helie to help with fire services, pending it completes its inspection.

The tanker truck to be purchased will be able to hold up to 3,000 gallons of water.

Originally, the budget for council was $90,000 for a new truck, the total spent on purchasing the truck from Camions Helie is $100,000 alone, plus 13 per cent HST.

Council says there first must be an inspection for it to meet Commercial Vehicle Safety Requirements for the province, which will cost the municipality another $200.

They must also spend an extra $1,000 for delivery of the truck to the township, which puts their total expenses on the truck at an estimated $102,960 or a projected $12,960 over budget.