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Hearst Looking Into Constructing A Pavilion Near Town Hall

Hearst has plans for a new venue to host indoor and outdoor events.

According to the Town of Hearst, the project titled, Espace Hearst, involves building a new community pavilion which would sit on the grounds of Town Hall, at roughly 150 feet by 50 feet as listed in their Request for Proposal.

The move is being made in part to avoid the continued use of temporary tents for events which has become costly.

The project itself is valued at $1,027,578, but the NOHFC and FedNor have both funded $459,035 towards the project in grants, and the municipality will cover $102,008 over the next two years of construction.

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The town is also proposing that Espace Hearst accommodates a minimum capacity of 1500 with a minimum of 400 seats, and will also be versatile enough to handle both summer and winter conditions.

Recently, a local petition was began and brought to council this week only to be denied on the grounds that there was no access to the names on the petition.

Now, local resident Eric Lehoux has formed a second petition in order to stop the project from going forward, stating that the town needs to know they do not have the support of the public on this pavilion.

The town of Hearst has not been reached for comment on the second petition at this time.

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