The municipal elections application deadline is now a week away in Kapuskasing.

With only one week remaining, Kapuskasing is preparing for life with a new Mayor, something it has not had to do since the early 2000’s.

As of this week, the Mayoral position sees Vic Fournel, Dave Plourde and Gilbert Peters in the running.

There are now seven councillor candidates that have come forward after the most recent addition of Jodi Robinson to the list.

The full list of candidates is here:

  • Mayor – Vic Fournel, Dave Plourde and Gilbert Peters
  • Councillor – Bob Daggett, Joey Fortier, Rick LaFleur, Ken Munnoch, Bruce Newton, Jodi Robinson and Marcel Valliere
  • Trustees – Daniel Grzela, Nancy Turgeon, Denis Lincez, Cindy Reasbeck and Michel Seguin

Residents will have until July 27th to apply as a candidate for any position and for more details on the unofficial list, follow the link here.