After 12 years at the helm, Alan Spacek will no longer be looking to continue as Mayor of Kapuskasing.

The longtime Mayor has announced he will not be seeking re-election during the 2018 Municipal Elections.

Spacek says it’s been a pleasure to work with the team of councilors and administration to improve the community of Kapuskasing.

He says he had a feeling that as he came to the end of his third term, it would be his last.

Spacek says it has been a privilege to serve the area, and now is the time to leave it in good hands.

So far the only candidate has been that of local resident Vic Fournel for the Mayors position.

Overall, six councilors, five school board trustees and a Mayor will be elected this October.

The town’s municipal election nominations opened on May 1st and will remain open until July 27th at 2:00pm, for more details on eligibility for candidates and the unoffical list, follow the links here and here.

Photo Credit: Nick Birnie

Photo Credit: Nick Birnie

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