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NDP Candidates Unveil Election Platforms

Healthcare, roads and revenue sharing are top election priorities for the NDP.

NDP candidate Guy Bourgouin was alongside current MPP and NDP candidate Gilles Bisson in saying hospitals and emergency rooms have been overcrowded for far too long. Bisson says his campaign includes $19-billion is investments into the healthcare system to improve and fix what has been done.

Bisson says his platform also focuses on the prices at the gas pumps and road maintenance. He says he will work towards regulating gas prices to help lower everyday costs. He adds that roads need to be improved and properly maintained in the region.

Bisson and Bourgouin also say another big focus will be on resource revenue sharing with first nation communities. This is something that has been brought up by mutliple parties, but Bisson says that the NPD was the first to bring it to the table about 15 years ago. Bisson says this will include about $40-million in revenue just through mining alone for Indigenous communities so they actually get the money they need.

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Bisson says the northern regions will be a big part of this election. He says everyone up here knows that if government isn’t there to provide hospitals, healthcare and road maintenance then it doesn’t get done.

Bourgouin will be running against candidates Andre Robichaud with the PC’s, Gaetan Baillargeon with the Liberals and The Ontario Libertarian Party’s Vanda Marshall.

(Written By: Mackenzie Read)

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