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Robichaud Says PC Northern Platform Is About Action For Northerners

Andre Robichaud says less talking, and much more doing is how Northerners will enjoy a more affordable life.

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Candidate for the new Mushkegowuk-James Bay riding says his party is ready to take the necessary steps to accomplish this change.

First, Robichaud says the Ring of Fire, a generational opportunity, needs to be taken advantage of.

Secondly; he says they need to ensure that hunting and fishing revenues go towards conservation.

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Robichaud also says the next step is a cornerstone to their plan, resource revenue sharing, to empower Northern Ontario.

He says the process must start with an environmental assessment, in order to make sure the annual funding is sustainable for projects.

Now, just the Ontario Liberal Party remain without official plans laid out for the north as the NDP are to announce their Northern platform today.

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