A new photo contest is trying to entice Kapuskasing mothers to share stories on how they feed their babies.

Formerly known as the Kapuskasing Breastfeeding Coalition, now the Kapuskasing Baby-Friendly Coalition is aiming to support parents’ decisions when it comes to any type of baby feeding.

Vice-Chair for the coalition Natalie Gravel says the contest will gain feedback from mothers about why they chose the way they did to feed their children.

Gravel says the contest will help them see where they can improve.

She says the photo contest runs until May 11th at 2:30pm.

In order to submit a photo you can either email her directly at natalie.gravel@porcupinehu.on.ca  or physically mail her: Natalie Gravel Care of Porcupine Health Unit, 4 Ash Street, Kapuskasing,  P5N 2C8 or third option; drop it off at the Kapuskasing Early Years Centre at 3 Summers Avenue.