An electrical fire has burned down an entire apartment in Kapuskasing, and luckily not one resident was harmed.

Fire Chief Pat Kennedy says the Kapuskasing Fire Department was called in around 9:00pm Friday evening to a blaze on 2 Cherry Street.

Kennedy says they believe the issue was electrical, due to its start in the mechanical room of the building, which they eventually extinguished.

He says regardless, the fire crept through the walls and floors, and eventually, an excavator was used to finally put the fire to rest.

He says currently an investigation is still ongoing from the department to verify whether the fire was simply electrical.

Fire crews arrive on scene to burning building on Cherry Street around 9:00pm Friday Photo by Fire Chief Pat Kennedy

Fire crews excavate side of apartment building to put an end to spread of fire Photo by Fire Chief Pat Kennedy

Fire crews are putting out the flames to the fire following the excavation of the side of the building Photo by Fire Chief Pat Kennedy