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Northern Groups Displeased With American Activist Groups’ Online Comments

An American activist group has infuriated and frustrated Ontario’s northern federations.

The frustration stems from a recent online post from a Natural Resources Defense Council or NRDC blog, which is based out of Manhattan.

The blog post states that the province of Ontario has doubled down on a policy that will jeopardize the future of caribou and at-risk species.

The comment is responding to the January 19th Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry regulation proposal, which if approved will allow communities to shape their species at risk policy.

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FONOM President and Kapuskasing Mayor Alan Spacek says not allowing human activities combined with the lack of natural disturbances would be horrific to our Crown forests.

Spacek also says that carefully planned harvesting allows forests to reset and therefore continue to supply caribou a habitat.

He also says activists forget, as boreal forests get older, they transition to other types of forests, and become much less suitable for caribou.

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