Kapuskasing’s Weightlifting Club competed and succeeded in its first ever competition.

In Sudbury in late February, the weightlifting club appeared in their first ever competition, and saw some terrific performances that led to multiple personal records.

In the women’s division, Kaylee Wedge was able to qualify for the provincials with her total of 315 pounds between two lifts, meanwhile Tania Torok finished second overall with 293 pounds over two lifts.

Meanwhile in the men’s division, Danny Lauzon finished second with 474 pounds over two lifts.

The weightlifting club recently stated on their Facebook page that they are looking to attend another small competition similar to the event in Sudbury, and are aiming for the weekend of May 4th through 6th.

The competitors total stats:

Kaylee Wedge – 315 lbs. – 2 lifts

Tania Ouellette Torok – 293 lbs. – 2 lifts

Danny Lauzon – 474 lbs.  – 2 lifts

Tanya Girardin – 196 lbs. – 2 lifts

Katelin Kozlovich – 187 lbs. – 2 lifts