The Ministry of Labour and the District School Board Ontario North East are under scrutiny following accusations from the Ontario Teacher’s Federation of a mishandled investigation.

In Kapuskasing on January 23rd just prior to 3:30pm a staff member of Kapuskasing District High School reported one student pointing a gun at various other students.

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation stayed a review of the school’s footage shows the principal not following protocol by failing to alert the police or the school board.

Director of Education for District School Board Ontario North East Lesleigh Dye says what the union has been told and they have been told are two separate stories.

Dye also says no threat was ever verified by police and a teachers decision to refuse work under the Occupational Health and Safety Act was not approved.

In response, the OSSTF is appealing the findings from the Ministry of Labour’s investigation to the Ontario Labour Relations Board.