Cochrane’s Polar Bear Habitat is taking the opportunity to partner with the Mushkegowuk council in order to raise awareness about global warming.

During a climate change summit attended by 120 delegates in Timmins this past week, the Polar Bear Habitat presented information on the dangerous affects global warming will have on their polar bears.

Habitat Manager Karen Cummings says they feel it is necessary to educate people on how they can limit the effects of climate change.

Cummings says the biggest fear is the melting ice, something that is a major factor in allowing polar bears to hunt and eat.

She says communities like Mushkegowuk are concerned about the effects of climate change for good reason, as already those communities are experiencing animal migration.

Cummings says the habitat is currently working on applications to put together a feasibility study to see if they can expand the facility by adding a research and isolation section.

She says she expects that the polar bear habitat will continue to partner with the Mushkegowuk council in order to better educate others on climate change.