Smooth Rock Falls is continuing to offer cheap land up for grabs to anyone looking to buy.

After generous incentives have begun attracting new homeowners the town has decided to put even more land up for sale, now turning their attention to the waterfront.

Mayor Michel Arsenault says things have gone far better than anyone could have expected, and so a third round of lots will most likely be going up for sale soon.

He says there were 15 parcels of land in September and 17 lots in October that were all purchased within weeks.

Now, Arsenault says phone calls and emails continue to pour in, and so the town has decided to move forward on trying to sell roughly over 20 acres of their waterfront property.

Arsenault says the large waterway offers opportunities for development on both sides.

Through this campaign, Smooth Rock Falls hopes to use this increase in tax base to continue improving town services and infrastructure.