The provincial government has opted for a freeze on funding formula changes until the District Social Services Administration Board review is complete for the Cochrane District.

On Monday, the Minister of Community and Social Services Helena Jaczek signed a moratorium freezing all funding formula changes involving the Cochrane District until her review has been completed.

This means DSSAB Boards in Ontario will continue to apply the same funding formula used to calculate municipal levies as of December of 2017.

Timmins-James Bay MPP Gilles Bisson says this decision should allow the minister to finish her review properly before having to respond to all parties questions and concerns.

Bisson says this review process should also allow minister Jaczek, as well as municipalities, to overlook all of the current issues and find the proper solutions for all sides.

Bisson says this decision is a major positive for communities like Kapuskasing, who would have been stuck with hefty fees to pay come January.

The moratorium was signed Monday and now a letter has been sent to each municipality within the district explaining the process.

The freeze, which officially began Monday, will last until December 31st of 2018.