Born and raised in Richmond Hill, the oldest of four siblings.

I love sports, I live and breathe music…..and I’m sure you have heard me around town as well to prove it 😀 😛

But……there is more to me……

I love to meet new people, share stories about life, ups and the downs……I am not a perfect person and nor will I ever be, but I accept people for who they are and hope people will give me the opportunity to show them what makes me Nick Birnie.

This guy right here is definitely a city boy, but I do like to try the outdoors, riding ATV’s hopping on ski-doo’s is something I am always willing to try, fishing tho……..well let us just say that may be out of my league……..unless we are talking Ice Fishing haha. For a city boy I definitely have dipped my toe in the Northern waters, and hope to experience alot more down the line.

The challenge I give myself everyday is to create something worthwhile to give to my audience so they feel like every single day I have their best interests at heart whether it be with my entertainment value on-air, or my ability to keep my communities informed up to the minute on details of important news, that is my goal to deliver to you each and every day.

From local politics such as council coverage, municipal elections and undertaking as well as provincial and federal all the way to local sports like the Kap Flyers or Hearst Lumberjacks. I am always trying to better my understanding of the landscape of challenges, adventures, and experiences that Northern Ontario holds unique to itself; if it’s important to you, it’s important to me.

There are so many stories that make Northern Ontario an amazing place. Whether it’s fighting to maintain the forestry industry, keeping the mill alive and well, or hunting, fishing and loving every day, as some of you like to remind me too often 😀 This is a special region to say the least.

There’s so much to learn about life in a place like this.

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