After offering some generous incentives to attract new homeowners to the area, the town of Smooth Rock Falls is continuing their efforts.

Smooth Rock Falls officials released a report that their campaign that began in late September attracted hundreds of interested parties, even some overseas.

Officials representing the town say they are so impressed by the success of the first 15 parcels of town land that went up for sale, that they have chosen to add a dozen more.

Mayor Michel Arsenault spoke to MooseFM when the campaign was first introduced saying the incentives will include enormous tax breaks for new owners of up to $2,500 off financial loans and there will be land offered for up to 90 per cent below market value.

Arsenault said at the original unveiling that since the loss of the Tembec mill in 2006 the town needs to recuperate and to do so must be creative.

Through this campaign, Smooth Rock Falls hopes to use this increase in tax base to continue improving town prosperity as well as services within the community.