The NE LHIN has confirmed an official request from TADH for a service change request regarding the sleep lab.

TADH is looking to close the sleep lab in order to close a deficit issue regarding the clinic.

However, a NE LHIN spokesperson says they are trying to work with the hospital to find a solution other than closing the clinic given its importance to the Timmins and surrounding community.

The hospital released a statement two weeks ago confirming they expect to suffer deficits of $1 million next year, and $2 million the following.

NE LHIN released a statement saying they will work with the hospital to make things more financially stable for them.

Hospital budgets are not permitted to have deficits due to provincial requirements, therefore TADH and NE LHIN will be forced to find a solution that will eliminate the pending deficits.

Closing the hospital’s sleep clinic would save the hospital $150,000.