It’s time to be strong for those who need it most.

That is according to Personal Trainer and Bodybuilder Max Boudreault, the Kapuskasing native who has created a career in bodybuilding and now an event for those in the north as well.

Boudreault says alongside his organizing partner Steve Ianni they have created the first-ever Strongman competition in Kapuskasing in order to benefit Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

He says the reason for giving back to Sick Kids is Ianni’s son has been fighting brain cancer, and they have been with him the whole way.

Boudreault also says holding the event in his hometown is also another way to give friends and family a chance to see him compete in person.

The Northern Strongest Man Competition takes place from October 13th through the 15th in Kapuskasing at the Nikan Mino Good Living Fitness Center beginning at 4:00pm on the Friday.