Even with the posting of a finalized species at risk policy suspended, a coalition of municipalities and unions are still speaking out against the SAR.

That is according to FONOM President Alan Spacek and NOMA President Wendy Landry, who have stated in a press release that the Ontario Forestry Coalition is still concerned that plans are in the works that will negatively impact the forestry industry.

Landry says the OFC appreciates Minister McGarry’s announcement of the postponement, but it is clear the proposed policy will have a devastating impact on the forestry industry, employees, and families in the region.

Spacek says the decisions on policy should be informed by those most impacted, rather than those who have nothing to lose from these proposed changes.

He says this is their own backyard, and therefore they deserve to have a say in the policies that govern it.

Currently, the SAR guide has yet to be finalized and released to the public.