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Accessible Transportation A Must for Northerners

Five years have passed since the provincial Liberals cancelled the Northlander passenger train, but one Northern MPP hears concerns about transportation regularly.

Timiskaming-Cochrane MPP John Vanthof spoke to people this weekend about concerns over the lack of transportation in the north.

Vanthof says in the next election, the NDP plan to have transportation as one of their highest priorities.

Vanthof says the idea of reinstating the Northlander is supported by his party, but not so much by southern MPP’s and other parties.

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Vanthof says the lack of passenger rail in the north is bad for students who want to attend college here, and seniors who need better access to things like healthcare.

The event on Friday saw some union leaders at Ontario Northland listen in, and there was also a focus on the need for a louder voice for Northerners at Queen’s Park.

(Written By: Aaron Mahoney)

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