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Hydro One says be prepared when outages occur

Hydro One wants people to be prepared the next time a winter wind storm rolls around and knocks out power.  Last week’s storm took out power to 170,000 customers in Ontario as wind speeds hit 100 kilometres an hour in some areas.  The northeast was also affected where several hundred customers in the Manitoulin, Kapuskasing, Nipissing and Sudbury zones lost power.  Hydro One says people should have a 72-hour emergency kit on stand-by while waiting for power to come back.  The kit should include blankets, candles, matches, food that won’t spoil and water.  You should also have a battery operated radio and flashlights as well as a first aid kit just in case you’re hurt.  Hydro One adds it’s not a bad idea to also keep a portable charger handy for people with cell phones.


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