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Fedeli reacts to chambers of commerce wanting cap and trade delayed

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli gets why the Wynne Liberals don’t want to delay their cap and trade tax.  The Tory finance critic was reacting to a request from chambers of commerce asking for a one year delay to the tax.  A coalition of chambers wants the delay to determine what impact the new tax will have on businesses and people.  But Fedeli says the Liberals are going ahead with cap and trade because they’re desperate for the revenue it will generate.  And Fedeli believes he already knows how they plan to spend the tax grab windfall.  He says a section of the Cap and Trade Bill allows the government to reimburse itself for money already spent on infrastructure.  Fedeli says cap and trade will make Ontario a more expensive place to do business and he adds it’s not just the Tories saying this.   Fedeli says the president and CEO of Fiat-Chrysler told the Premier last year that Liberal policies have made Ontario the most expensive jurisdiction in which to do business.   Cap and trade takes effect January 1st and includes a new 4.3 cent a litre tax at the gas pumps.



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