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What Can and Can’t be Recycled in Smooth Rock Falls

The Town of Smooth Rock Falls is reminding residents what can and can’t be recycled. The town has received an updated list from the recycling depot in Cochrane and some of the items may contradict what was originally advertised.

The town says to never bag recyclables and always place items loosely in your recycling container. They say it’s important to remember that paper and plastic don’t match well and to remove any plastics before placing anything in the recycling.

While glass containers are accepted, broken glass, pottery or ceramic dishes are not. The town is also reminding residents to rinse out soda and beer cans and not to crush them. Crushed cans usually end up with the less valuable one’s, reducing revenue.

Food and drink cans may also be recycled, but as for coat hangers, pots and pans those should all be left out. It’s also important to remember when it comes to aerosol cans to make sure they’re empty before tossing it in the recycling because it can be dangerous.

The town is also reminding residents to look for the little recyclable symbols on the side of objects and if it doesn’t have it, don’t recycle it.

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